Unsung Heros


The Unsung Hero Award was initiated by the Rotary Club of Mill Point in 2011 to recognize and celebrate the efforts of those dedicated individuals who have over many years contributed to the quality of life in our community without reward or recognition.

The Rotary Club of Mill Point selected two people for the “Unsung Hero” 2013 award. The Award includes a trophy and cash payment of $500 to be paid to a community charity selected by each of the Award winners.


Mrs Dianne (Di) Barber was selected for her selfless dedication towards the elderly at the Balmoral Age Care facility where she regularly provides great support and empathy to those residents and their families that experience difficulty in coming to terms with the great changes in their lives. Di has volunteered in many support roles for over 30 years and is an inspiration to all that know her. She chosen has chosen to donate the $500 to the McCusker Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.


The second Unsung Hero awardee is John McBain for his tireless efforts in establishing and promoting community gardens and organic culture in the South Perth area. Since moving to South Perth in 2005, he began experimenting at his property in urban food production that includes the conversion of green waste into food through a network of gardens. He has been a leader in the development of the Sustainable Urban Nutrition Project (SUN) at McDougall Park Community Garden. The food grown is donated to not-for-profit groups, and the main recipients are Foodbank WA and South Care.

John has chosen Foodbank WA as his charity for the donation of $500.