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Primary School Students receive gift of Microscopes from Mill Point Rotary Club


Photos: RCMP donated 70 microscopes to 3 primary schools (Southern Cross, Nungarin and Mukinbudin) at a presentation at Merredin College

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Primary school students from Southern Cross, Nungarin and Mukinbudin Primary Schools can take a closer look at the world around them, thanks to an initiative by the Rotary Club of Mill Point in South Perth.

The Rotary WA Magnifying Microscopes project provides primary schools with microscopes and activity books with which students can study plant structure, insects, soil composition and many other microscopic components of nature.

The project was initiated in 2011 by the Chief Scientist of WA Professor Lyn Beazley with support of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay , the Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia and the Water Corporation. Lyn was a guest speaker at Mill Point Rotary in December 2012 and she spoke about her passion for encouraging science in the younger generation, and shared her vision that every primary school in WA has a set of Magnifying Microscopes.

WA Rotary Clubs were invited to participate in donating a set of microscopes to primary schools in their area.  Since then it has been adopted by several Rotary Clubs across the state, with Mill Point the latest to join in.

The Rotary Club of Mill Point has donated 140 Magnifying Microscopes to four local schools in 2012 including the Kensington, South Perth, Manning and Collier Primary Schools with the aim of fostering students’ interest in the role of science and the use of microscopes in exploring the natural world.

Mill Point Club President Jon Lawrance in presenting the microscopes to each of these schools at their assembly functions said that “Rotarians have long been committed to serving youth in our community. Providing young people with the opportunity to discover a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for science is a wonderful way in which Rotary can support our young people”.

“Our school children today are our scientists of tomorrow” he said.

To complement the Rotary gift of microscopes to the schools, the Water Corporation in conjunction with the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia has developed an activity booklet to assist teachers in integrating the use of the Magnifying Microscopes into their existing curriculum.

South Perth Primary’s Principal Karen Owens welcomed the project. “Thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club of Mill Point the Magnifying Microscopes Project will provide students with the exciting opportunity to explore and study everyday pieces of nature in microscopic detail. I am sure that there are going to be many inspiring moments for those students who will be using these microscopes” she said.

The Rotary Club of Mill Point will be donating more microscopes to Collier PS and Donnybrook High School this year.

Author Rick Sneeuwjagt; Director Community Service Rotary Club of Mill Point

Contact: Rick.sneeuw@gmail.com     0417948335